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Medical offices & doctors

Doctors ... Create a playful space in your facility in order to reduce the stress of children and families. L’attente prolongée before medical consultation can be a real challenge for the patience of children and parents alike ! IKIDAÏ gives you the opportunity to transform this time into a moment of discovery and fun. Children discover and learn valuable notions , on different themes, thanks to our products.

Children's play stations such as Orugoru don't take up much space and fit very well in a waiting room environment. Equipped with two headsets, parents can play with their children in your waiting room without disturbing other patients.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals, clinics and emergency services are the places where people wait the longest. In 2021, the Nantes University Hospital in France recorded an average waiting time of 8 hours in the emergency room. With this level of waiting time, emergency structures have also seen an increase in verbal and physical incidents towards staff. 

Developing a strategy to reduce the frustration of those long hours of waiting is relevant. Our kiosks fit perfectly into this goal and allow many families to spend pleasant moments without being solely focused on their wait.

Finally, nos bornes sont utiles comme outils de divertissement et d’accompagnement, as well elles conviennent particulièrement aux structures d’aide au handicap et de rééducation ainsi que dans les centres de pédiatrie.

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Socio-cultural centers / Media libraries / Toy libraries

Access to culture has become a priority for governments in recent years. As a child, culture is just as important and sometimes difficult to access. Fortunately, many socio-cultural centers and media libraries work every day in the field to provide this service. 

In these places of cultural exchange, our digital kiosks have their place: to awaken children to several impactful themes through our games. Music, science, ecology, health, ... IKIDAÏ's products allow the discovery of new cultural horizons.

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Mairies & Service-Public

L’attente en mairie ou de toute autre structure du Service-Public with children can seem endless. In such an authoritative environment, a children's play area is a good way to reduce family stress. Our children's playground equipment is well suited for small spaces that require a quiet environment. Feel free to contact us to know more about our current offers or to develop a product on a specific theme that corresponds to your activity.

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Museums & events

Sound museum, music museum, science museum, music festival, technological events …  Our products are for rent for all your events. Contact-us for a custom quote.

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Shops & Shopping malls

Children's play areas are now commonplace in commercial spaces. Play areas are full of activities but often need to be updated to keep their appeal to children.

These spaces allow parents and children to take a playful break together during a shopping trip. The child is often the prescriber and the decision maker of the destination. Providing a product designed by IKIDAÏ upgrades a children play-area by modernizing it in shopping malls, stores and shopping centers.

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Hotels / Restaurants / Fast-foods

If you want to understand the power of a "Kid Friendly"space and its relevance to your restaurant, think back to the last time you stepped into a McDonald's®... 

Parmis les pionniers et les plus influents sur ce concept, les franchisés de McDonald’s® ont construit jusqu’à aujourd’hui des espaces de jeux pour les enfants afin de les attirer et surtout de les retenir. Un restaurant peut paraître une épreuve pour les enfants, et proposer un espace de détente et de jeux permet d’apaiser les tensions, causées par l’attente des plats.

Our kiosk fits perfectly into the small spaces of small restaurants. It sends a message of comfort to your clientele and allows children to be a prescriber of your restaurant as a destination. Remember : to convince parents, you have to start by convincing their children … !

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