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Digital kiosks for fun and interactive games for children.

Orugoru, a new hybrid music terminal

Orugoru, a playful hybrid musical kiosk for children.

It is a digital kiosk for children, but not only!  

With the hybrid system of the Orugoru - both physical and tactile - children can shape the sound with rotating buttons, like real DJs! They can also use the touchscreen to navigate and play with the game.

With an intuitive ergonomics, every children from 4 years old can start playing with the Orugoru. The games proposed are a playful musical journey on sound awakening, musical instruments and the recording studio.

The Orugoru is entirely thought, designed & made in France !

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What games can you play on the Orugoru

The Orugoru offers a progressive course of 8 musical games. Each game has been designed to help children discover music from a different angle.The child sometimes plays as a conductor, a musician, a sound engineer, a DJ, ... Our goal for our children : to awaken to the richness of music, to let the emotions speak and build a happy memory.


DJ Kong

A reflex game to create a song by stacking instruments.

Jeu IKIDAI Table de mixage

Mixing desk

A mixing desk to come and make your own version of a song

Our kiosk, Orugoru, is available in 7 colors upon request

Par défaut, l’Orugoru est produit en vert Céladon. Sur demande, nous pouvons apporter des éléments de personnalisation aux couleurs de votre marque.

Orugoru Availability Models : 


  • In the version of a desk on a stand fixed to the floor with our secure cushioning system (about 1m² on the floor, total height 130cm, painted stainless steel stand). Supplied in option with a bench adapted for up to 3 children simultaneously. This version is PRM compatible.
  • In a wall-mounted version hung by our custom-made system.